Our Sponsors

Entities and companies that help Deusto Moto Team to finance our projects

Faculty of Engineering of Deusto

Our faculty is the main promoter of the project.

Automotive Intelligence Center

AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center is a unic center for generating value for the automotive sector based on an open innovation concept where companies improve their competitiveness through cooperation.

Elorrieta Erreka Mari Institute

The Elorrieta Erreka Mari Institute belongs to the Network of Integral Centers created by the Departament of Education of the Basque Government for the development of the Basque Professional Tranining Plan.


Igestek works in three different areas: Engineering, Composites and Consulting. In the field of automotive, they make components of Chassis, Suspension, Bodywork… 

See more about Igestek.


Ukai is an importer of devices for the manufacturer of industrial electronics and offers thousands of products adapted to the consumer market for the professional of electronic distribution.

See more about Ukai.


Tramebisa focuses its activity on three large environments: machining and repair, recoveries and refills and reparation and construction of hydraulic cylinders.

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Curvados Quintín

Curvados Quintín is a company especialized in curved tubes, profiles and sheet metal.

See more about Curvados Quintín.

Hobby Moto

Hobby Moto is specialist repairin motorcycles as well as providing accessories and spare parts for all types of motorcycles.

See more about Hobby Moto.


TAOH provides revised original and second-hand parts for motorcycles.

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ANSYS engineering simulation and 3D design software delivers product modeling solutions with unmatched scalability and a comprehensive multiphysics foundation.

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