The motorcycle

This year 2018 the Moto prototype that is proposed for the Smart Moto Challenge is Dakar type.


The bodywork has been manufactured by iGestek using various technologies such as 3D printing and mold pressing. It has been made in fiberglass and some PLA, and its design (unique for this bike) has been made taking into account aspects of aerodynamics such as cooling of electrical components.


There is a platform where the control team can see the status of the motorcycle (location, battery, kilometers of autonomy, etc.), data that are also integrated into the screen of the motorcycle itself, with other information of interest for the driver and a navigation system.


The chassis is based on the solutions proposed by a form optimization software and is a tubular design manufactured at the CIFP Elorrieta-Erreka Mari by welding steel tubes, which have been doubled at Curvados Quintín.


The motorcycle has a nominal power of 6kW, with a maximum speed of about 90km/h and a range of 1 hour. The battery, 60V, is custom made in Ukai and has a capacity of 60Ah.


The motorcycle has an integrated safety system to automatically notify the control team in case of an accident, indicating the coordinates where it happened.


The swing arm has been made by welding aluminum profiles.

Those are our motorcycles

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