The team

Deusto Moto Team this year 2019 is composed by 20 engineering students divided into 5 working groups.


Team composed by Yves Tessier Urrecha (5º IM+IDI),Pablo López Rauhut (4º IM+IDI), Xabier Puerta Marzo (4º IM), Anthony Daniel Moreano Morán (4º IM+IDI), Mikel Gochicoa (3º IDI) and Jon Dominguez (2º ITI).

They have been responsible of the design and manufacture of the chassis, also de design and manufacture of the swingarm, the aerodynamic design and manufecture of the fairing and the design of the crown and wheels.


Team composed by Francisco Javier Rementería Sánchez (4º IM+IDI), Álvaro González Gómez (4º IDI), Ramón Juste Arrieta (3º IDI) and Marta Aranguren Basterra (3º IM+IDI).

They have been responsible for de identity design, communication and design and manufacture of the body.


Team composed by Erlantz Marcos Rodriguez (4º IEIA+II), Unai Sainz Lugarezaresti (3º IEIA+II), Mikel Tijero Perez (4º IEIA) and Aitor Antúnez García (4º ITI).

They have been in charge of the issues related to electronics in the fields of engine, ECU, battery, BMS, wiring and electrical pack tests.


The business team is composed by Ainara Larrinaga Arruabarrena (4º ADE+ITI) and Aitor Ayesta Fernández (3º ADE+DED).

They have been in charge of coordinating the team and providing the necessary guidelines.


The smart team is composed by Joseba Herrera García (3º II+TDE), Alvar Fernández Villasante (4º IEIA+II),  Imanol Gutiérrez Pinedo (3ºIEIA+II) and Ane Capdevila Muñoz (3º II+TDE).

They have been responsible for the development and implementation of the smart part of the project.

And until now?

There have already passed 120 students through our team!

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